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Honest Offering EP - CD

Art. nr: 409062

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    99,00 kr
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    457A4241-B820-406B-9167-C26B27BF088FCreated with sketchtool.1A046288-8442-4F7F-B65F-1304429FE643Created with sketchtool.

    2023 EP release. It has been said that if you spend five minutes with the members of Cain you'll feel like you've spent the afternoon in the sunshine. Their joy spills over onto each person they meet, their bright smiles as contagious as their stunning harmonies. Pouring their joy into their music, Cain has discovered what it's like to live their calling while doing their favorite thing - singing about Jesus.

    1. Praise Opens Prison Doors

    2. Honest Offering / I Surrender All

    3. Friend In Jesus

    4. Blessed Assurance - CAIN and David Leonard

    5. Shine On Us - CAIN and Mitch Wong

    6. Awe of You


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