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  • Revival: live at chapel - cd

Revival: Live at Chapel - CD

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    REVIVAL, Live At Chapel the album, is recorded organically, together with the students of Planetshakers Bible College, during a break in the pandemic lockdowns.

    While not the big production held in a massive arena that is generally expected from Planetshakers, the resulting Revival, Live At Chapel album was just as alive and celebratory, perhaps even more so due to the palpable joy of the students expressing worship together for the first time in months.

    “These are songs for the church recorded with very little production,” shares Joth Hunt, "but with hearts that are hungry for the presence of God along with a few organic instruments.”

    Along with the audio produced and mixed by Joth, all the new songs were captured on video live during the gathering.

    “The songs, born out of a time where things looked so bleak, declare a different story," says Worship Leader and Pastor Sam Evans, "a God-story of faith, hope and trust in the unfailing Word of God, which is good and true in every season of life.”


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