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Lovsång-Matt Redman

Lamb of God - CD

Art. nr: 409238

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    British worship leader Matt Redman has released his new album, 'Lamb of God', recorded live at The Mission in San Juan Capistrano, a settlement founded in 1776 and recognized as the birthplace of Orange County. Matt Redman’s new album reflects on the age-old centrality and wonder of the cross. The contrast of these brand-new songs in the context of a historical place of worship is a significant marker of Redman’s heart to keep the people of God singing to Him.


    The album’s title track encapsulates its concept, reminding the Church that among so many amazing sights in this world, the greatest wonder will always remain the Lamb of God on Calvary. "The best songs help us breathe in truth, and breathe out a grateful, reverent and passionate reply,” Redman says, “I really hope the songs on this album will do that."


    The cruciform focus as well as the ancient and modern styles of worship represented in the 14 tracks make this album one that resonates with the young and old alike. Recording 'Lamb of God' in live settings also beautifully captured the devotion of people singing to their God; among the strings and keys textures, the artist intentionally left a lot of sonic room for people’s voices to shine.


    Commenting on the songwriting process, Redman mentions the importance of "aiming for something meaningful and fresh," which he achieved through co-writes with many of

    today’s worship landscapers. 'Lamb of God' features contributions from Jason Ingram, Matt Maher, Cody Carnes, Mitch Wong, Benjamin Hastings, and Jon Guerra, as well as people Redman hadn’t written with before, such as David Funk, Aaron Moses, and Taya Gaukrodger.


    The theological, musical, and communal heartbeat of 'Lamb of God' is topped off by its artwork. The photo depicts an art-piece by artist David JP Hooker from Wheaton College, IL, which Redman’s daughter, Maisey, captured. Hooker took an old corpus statue of Christ which he covered in debris from vacuum cleaner bags - with the thought that in those bags would be people’s skin cells and hair. The metaphor for our sins placed on Christ resonated deeply with Redman and the essence of his new record.


    From the brand-new songs to a re-imagining of 'Heart of Worship' - Redman’s early classic - 'Lamb of God' invites us once again to stand amazed at the greatness and grace of our God. Singing of both the cross and the crown, Matt Redman offers the Church this new collection of profoundly worshipful songs.


    1. The Praise Is Yours (Live)

    2. Son of Suffering (Live)

    3. Lamb of God (Live)

    4. Amen (Total Praise) / Lamb of God (Reprise) (Live)

    5. Love is This (Live)

    6. Unconditional (Live)

    7. Halfway Empty (Live)

    8. Hallelujah Holy (Live)

    9. King of Calvary (Live)

    10. Praise God (Live)

    11. Even Still and Even So (Live)

    12. Heart of Worship (Live)

    13. Son of Suffering (Single Version [Live])

    14. Son of Suffering (The Chosen Version [Live])


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