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Gospel-Oslo Gospel Choir

20 Years 100 Songs - Notbok

Art. nr: 372242

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    20 years may sound like a long tme, but it has passed like the blink of an eye. The joyful experience of working with so many talented singers and artists, performing for so many loving, supportive audiences, makes it clear that the Oslo Gospel Choir is part of large and caring family. It is with humble gratitude that I realize how blessed I truly am. To the choir, to the incredible musicians whose excellence has graced us over the years, to our loyal listeners and most of all to my Lord, I give my heartfelt thanks for 20 years of wonder
     - Tore W. Aas (körledare för Oslo Gospel Choir)

    Denna fullmatade notboken innehåller 100 sånger som Oslo Gospel Choir framfört under åren 1988-2008. Sånger tagna från bl.a. skivorna "Gloria", "Get Together", "This Is The Day", "We Lift Our hands" och "Joy", plus 10 helt nya sånger!


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