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Wow - New & Next - CD

Art. nr: 405976

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    29,00 kr
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    WOW - New & Next will introduce you to 12 new and developing artists!

    The artist/track list features brand-new artists but also a few artists that consumers will recognize including:

    Abandon - CCMMagazine.com's New Artist to Watch, great history at Christian radio with 2 top 20 CHR singles and a #1 rock single, amazing live band with huge festival buzz

    Dara Maclean - 70s influenced acoustic soul meets modern pop music with lyrics whose main goal is to paint a picture of God's restorative love. Her debut single "Suitcases" released to radio in April with 45 stations adding in the first two weeks!

    Royal Tailor - A high-energy band with a contagious blend of pop, R&B, hip hop and rock that is passionate about using a music based ministry to reach a generation of students that are suffering from the symptoms of a visionless life.

    1. Feel It In Your Heart - Abandon

    2. You Got My Attention - Dara Maclean

    3. Can't Shut Up - Anthem Lights

    4. Mercy - Patrick Ryan Clark

    5. Hold Me Together - Royal Tailor

    6. Come Home - Luminate

    7. What If I Fall - Jason Castro

    8. Come Rest - Lindsay McCaul

    9. King - Samestate

    10. Worship The Lamb - Jessa Anderson

    11. People Change - For King & Country

    12. City Of Light - Andy Cherry


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