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Pop/Rock-Steven Curtis Chapman

Still - CD

Art. nr: 408738

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    Steven Curtis Chapman has spent the last 35 years writing and performing genre-defining songs that shaped a generation. With a staggering 49 No. 1 singles in his catalog, he is the most awarded artist in Christian music history, winning 59 GMA Dove Awards, five GRAMMY Awards, an American Music Award, and selling more than eleven million albums with ten RIAA-Certified Gold or Platinum albums. In short, Steven Curtis Chapman is synonymous with contemporary Christian music. "The word 'remember' has been a big part of this season," Chapman says. "I do have a lot to remember, musically and creatively, but the importance of remembering isn't just about the good 'ole days. It's an active word going forward, to remember the future and where we're going. It's what I'm trying to do - remember where I've been and where I'm going."


    "Still" is more than a collection of songs reflecting Chapman's positive outlook, it's his hard-earned contentment, his heart in a song, singing about grief that lingers but doesn't destroy, faith that doubts but still believes and showing kindness for others who are facing the same. It's a picture of the human experience - the beautiful, the terrible, the painful and the wonderful.


    1. Welcome Back to Wonder

    2. Still

    3. Don't Lose Heart

    4. I'm Alive

    5. Kindness

    6. Running After You

    7. Unfixables

    8. Love Now

    9. Where Else Could I Go

    10. A Desperate Benediction (Peace On Earth)

    11. Living Color

    12. Trying To Get Back Home


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