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Pop/Rock-Citizen Way

Love Is The Evidence - CD

Art. nr: 407262

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    39,00 kr
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    Citizen Way was formed in 2004, when two sets of siblings—Josh and Ben Calhoun and David and Ben Blascoe—crossed paths while in college. Their camaraderie made for a foundation that went beyond their biological connection and combined their vision for ministry with their passion for music. The result is Evidence, an infectious pop-rock project with sensibility. This project is already generating buzz, thanks to their success at Christian radio with the Top 5 hit song Should’ve Been Me.”It is the by product of years spent honing their skills; playing at camps, retreats and youth group events; investing in the fans; and building a faithful following. The music has a driving momentum that will have you setting your player to Repeat and will connect to your core as a soundtrack for life. In the end, the guys of Citizen Way really just want to have a conversation with people, sharing stories that reflect Scripture, reveal the heart of God and speak to honest, human struggle. If they can accomplish that while inspiring people to walk with Jesus and find joy.

    1. Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us)

    2. Evidence

    3. All Things

    4. Should've Been Me

    5. Lights On

    6. How Sweet the Sound

    7. Fall Like Rain

    8. Love Is A Mess

    9. Where Would I Be Without You

    10. Sing, Sing, Sing

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