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  • Homecoming - 2-cd
Lovsång-Bethel Music

Homecoming - 2-CD

Art. nr: 407639

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    209,00 kr
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    On Homecoming, the talented team of Bethel Music gathers for an uplifting live worship event! This sixteen track recording captures the electric energy of the performance, including the powerful title track with Cory Asbury and Gable Price. Also includes "Back to Life" with Zahriya Zachary, "I Believe" with Jonathan David and Melissa Helser, "Weathered" with Dante Bowe and Hannah McClure, and "Son of Suffering" with David Funk and special guest Matt Redman.

    1. Homecoming - Feat. Gable Price

    2. Back To Life - Bethel Music

    3. I Believe - Bethel Music

    4. Son Of The Suffering - Feat. Matt Redman

    5. Weathered - Bethel Music

    6. Too Good To Not Believe - Bethel Music

    7. Reason To Praise - Feat. Naomi Raine

    8. I Belong To Jesus  - Bethel Music

    9. Hymn Of Heaven - Bethel Music

    10. Send Me - Feat.Chris Quilala

    11. My King Forever - Bethel Music

    12. He Reigns (Spontaneous) - Bethel Music

    13. Standing In Miracle - Bethel Music

    14. Wherever You Lead - Bethel Music

    15. All Hail King Jesus - Bethel Music


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