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Lovsång-Bethel Music

The Loft Sessions - CD+DVD

Art. nr: 379239

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    59,00 kr
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    För dig som gillar: Jesus Culture, The Swell Season, Jeremy Riddle.

    Bethel Music's latest project, The Loft Sessions, is a refreshing and authentic worship experience where community and creativity collide. After refurbishing an old rustic loft, the Bethel Music team gathered friends and family for several nights of passionate worship that set the stage for this ground-breaking worship CD/DVD. Venturing from the live congregational sound, The Loft Sessions explores new territory, merging an array of acoustic creativity with modern melodies. The songs by Brian & Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle and other emerging artists are original and contagious, leaving the listener in a place of joy, passion and intimacy.

    1. One Thing Remains   
    2. My Dear   
    3. You Have Won Me   
    4. Come to Me   
    5. Walk in the Promise   
    6. You Know Me   
    7. Angels   
    8. Fall Afresh   
    9. Draw Near   
    10. This is What You Do

    1. You Have Won Me (feat. Brian Johnson) (DVD) 
    2. Come to Me (feat. Jenn Johnson) (DVD) 
    3. One Thing Remains (feat. Brian Johnson) (DVD) 
    4. Walk in the Promise (feat. Jeremy Riddle) (DVD) 
    5. You Know Me (feat. Steffany Frizzell) (DVD) 
    6. Draw Near (feat. Jeremy Riddle) (DVD) 
    7. This Is What You Do (feat. Matt Stinton) (DVD) 
    8. My Dear (feat. Hunter Thompson) (DVD) 
    9. Angels (feat. Brian Johnson) (DVD) 
    10. Fall Afresh (feat. Jeremy Riddle) (DVD)


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