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Hiphop/Rap-Jackie Hill Perry

Crescendo - CD

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    Jackie Hill-Perry is a writer, speaker, and artist whose work has been featured on The Washington Times, The 700 Club, Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition and other publications. Jackie has been compelled to share the light of gospel truth through poems that have reached over one million views on YouTube. She is also becoming an influential voice on the various topics impacting culture. She is signed to Humble Beast Records and released her debut album "The Art of Joy" in 2014. At home, she is known as wife to Preston and mommy to Eden.

    1. Lamentations ft Latifah Allattas (Page CXVI)
    2. Hush
    3. No Ways Tired ft. Joe Solomon
    4. Fall Away
    5. Melodies (Interlude) - Todd Dulaney
    6. Thy Neighbor
    7. Hymn ft. Shai Linne, Braille, Da Truth, Ambassador
    8. Mustard Seed
    9. From Heaven (Interlude)
    10. Woman ft. Sharon Irving
    11. Restless
    12. Maranatha
    13. Crescendo
    14. Reprise

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