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Hårdrock/Metal-Signum Regis

The Seal of The New World - CD

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    The melodic power metal band Signum Regis are back with their new album “The Seal of a New World”, featuring their new vocalist Jota Fortinho!

    Signum Regis released their self-titled debut album via Locomotive Records in 2008 and has since then released four albums via Ulterium Records and Inner Wound Recordings.

    The band have also toured Europe quite extensively during the past 5 years, playing festivals, one-off shows and shorter tours especially in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland where they have a loyal fan-base. Signum Regis has also supported bands like Powerwolf and Theocracy.

    On the new album “The Seal of a New World” you can find all sonic trademarks of the band. Fans can enjoy fast, melodic, heavy, mid tempo, rocking songs and also an epic ballad. The band’s new vocalist Jota Fortinho has a wide vocal range and is able to sing complex and demanding vocal lines, which brings another dimension to the album.

    Mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Evergrey).

    1. Kings Of The Underground
    2. Prisoner's Elegy
    3. I Always Go All-In
    4. The City Of God
    5. The Seal Of A New World
    6. A Memory
    7. Phantasmagoria
    8. Let Freedom Ring
    9. Never Surrender
    10. Fly Away
    11. Shalom
    12. Scheme Of Lies

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