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Hårdrock/Metal-Seventh Day Slumber

We Are The Broken - CD

Art. nr: 386206

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    Dove award-winning artist, Seventh Day Slumber is no newcomer to the industry. With a career that has produced five #1 singles, 14 Top-10 singles and sales of almost half a million copies worldwide Seventh Day Slumber is certainly not “the new band on the block” anymore, but you might not know that from the energy and excitement they create on their new album, We Are the Broken. Seventh Day Slumber is back to what makes them a favorite of radio and concert goers everywhere, and singer Joseph Rojas has a great deal more to say on this latest album.

    Coming from a background of poverty and abuse and rising to the top of the Christian music charts, Rojas has seen the best and the worst that life has to offer. This special perspective coincides perfectly with the message of this record. “’We are the Broken’ is about people who have been considered broken or have felt like they have no hope left,” says Rojas. “This is my own personal story as well. With Christ, you see these same people that have been “broken” by this world move to being broken for Jesus. He takes each person and builds them up stronger and in the ways He sees fit.” Songs for the record were inspired by true stories from fans posting to the band’s Facebook page. “This is a very unique record in the fact that it is a compilation of the pain and struggles of our fans and our response to those struggles in song. We’ve never done a record like this before, and we are very excited about how this will touch our fans,” adds Rojas.

    1. We Are the Broken   
    2. Comatose State   
    3. All She Wants   
    4. Goodbye   
    5. Trust In Me   
    6. Skyscraper   
    7. Strong-arm   
    8. In Too Deep   
    9. No One Knows   
    10. Solemn Oath

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