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Gone - CD

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    On this, their sixth full-length studio album, RED delivers an epic, emotional and hard-driving masterpiece that their fans are sure to love. The album title, Gone, refers to the thought-provoking idea that what we do while we are alive on Earth will be what remains here once we are gone. Teaming once again with long-time producer Rob Graves (End of Silence, Innocence & Instinct, Until We Have Faces, of Beauty and Rage), the band expresses life's conflicting emotions with powerful lyrics, searing guitars, melodic vocals, and heart-wrenching screams, all set to a backdrop of intense rock and symphonic orchestration.

    1. Step Inside, the Violence
    2. Still Alive
    3. A.I.
    4. Losing Control
    5. Gone
    6. Coming Apart
    7. Unstoppable
    8. Chasing Your Echo
    9. Fractured
    10. Singularity

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