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Hårdrock/Metal-Neal Morse

Morsefest 2015 - 4 CD+2 DVD

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    Hot on the heels of 2016’s most acclaimed progressive rock release, THE SIMILITUDE OF A DREAM, Neal Morse announces the massive live release of a once-in-a-lifetime concert event: Morsefest 2015.

    Free from the constraints of studio recording deadlines, Morse added any instrumentation he imagined, including live strings, a 5-piece horn section, and a 14-piece choir. Complimenting this level of musicality, is a multimedia visual presentation. It begins with the most elaborate lighting set-up Morse has ever used, constructed specifically for this event, designed by Ryan Proplesch.
    A video graphics track, projected on three screens, was created by media artist Christian Rios to illustrate every
    moment of each song.
    In addition to both concerts, a one-hour documentary puts audiences behind the scenes for this epic event.

    - Complete live performances of the SOLA SCRIPTURA
    and QUESTION albums.
    - Additional making of documentary
    - Morsefest 2015 is the most massive live release of Morse’s career with 38 musicians on stage

    CD 1 & 2, DVD 1
    - Morsefest 2015 Night 1:? Live
    - DVD 1 innehåller även Behind the Scenes Documentary

    CD 2 & 3, DVD 2
    - Morsefest 2015 Night 2: Sola Scriptura Live
    - DVD 2 innehåller även Prog Jeopardy

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