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Hårdrock/Metal-Death Therapy

Voices - CD

Art. nr: 401528

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    Death Therapy‘s debut album “The Storm Before the Calm” has been released on February 24th.2017 Solid State Records. 

    Started as the side project of Jason Wisdom, former frontman of Becoming The Archetype and no stranger to Solid State records, the project morphed into a full time project consisting of Jason Wisdom and Josh Seagraves. Death Therapycombines elements of metal with electronic, industrial, and post-punk influences

    1. The Vice of Voices
    2. My Defiance (feat. Josh Kincheloe of Glasslands)
    3. Feels Like Fiction (feat. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet)
    4. The Reckoning
    5. The Instability of Proto Man
    6. It’s Okay (feat. Matt Baird of Spoken)
    7. Resist the Eclipse
    8. Darkening Counsel Part I: Overture
    9. Darkening Counsel Part II: Inquisition

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