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Barn-Michael W Smith

Lullaby - CD

Art. nr: 398632

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    169,00 kr
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    2018-årsrelease av Michael W Smiths vaggvisealbum "Lullaby".

    Grammy Award-winner Michael W. Smith is joined by the Nighty Nights band- Bear, Sleepy Puppy, and Lamby- for this musical bedtime drama. Includes "Nighty Nights Theme," "Anna," "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," "Rock-A-Bye Baby," "Agnus Dei," and "Friends," plus instrumentals "The Bible Song," "Jesus Loves Me," "Sleep Tight," "No More Crying," and "Brahms' Lullaby."

    1. Brahms Lullaby (Partial)
    2. Anna Can't Sleep
    3. Nighty Nights Theme (Fast)
    4. Nighty Nights Theme (Slow)
    5. We're Here To Help You Sleep
    6. Anna
    7. The Bible Song
    8. Anna Is Still Awake
    9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    10. Rock A Bye Baby
    11. Jesus Loves Me
    12. Phone Call For Sleepy Puppy
    13. Sleep Tight
    14. No More Crying
    15. Agnus Dei
    16. Friends
    17. Anna Is Almost Asleep
    18. Brahms Lullaby (Full)
    19. Until Next Time! Goodnight!
    20. Nighty Nights Theme Song (Slow Reprise)
    21. Nighty Nights Theme Song (Slow Instrumental)
    22. The Bible Song (Instrumental)
    23. Jesus Loves Me (Instrumental)
    24. Sleep Tight (Instrumental)
    25. No More Crying (Instrumental)
    26. Brahms Lullaby (Instrumental)
    27. Nighty Nights Theme Song (Slow Reprise Instrumental)

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