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  • Inhale (exhale) - cd

Inhale (Exhale) - CD

Art. nr: 406582

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    The Dove Award-winning band is also releasing a new instant grat track and lyric video for “On Our Way,” featuring lead singer Bart Millard‘s son Sam Wesley.

    The 16-song collection, produced by Tedd T., Brown Bannister and Jordan Mohilowski, includes “Almost Home,” which topped the Christian charts for a combined total of 17 weeks. There’s also the buoyant “A Little Love” featuring Millard’s close friend Gary LeVox, lead vocalist of Rascal Flatts. Disco legend and friend Gloria Gaynor also lends her signature vocals to “Brand New.”

    “It was two years and one month to the day that we started writing for this new record until we finally finished,” Millard says. “‘Almost Home,’ which is the first single, will be out a year and a half before the record releases. We would have had it done a year or so ago, but when the pandemic hit, it slowed everything down. We practically re-wrote the album two or three different times.”

    MercyMe’s current hit single “Say I Won’t,” which is currently in the top 10 on the Billboard National Christian Airplay chart and the Mediabase Christian Audience chart, is spinning on a vast majority of Christian radio stations across the country. The track is a potent declaration of faith and perseverance colored by tragedy, and was inspired by Gary Miracle, a longtime friend that worked with MercyMe for many years, who contracted an infection that resulted in having both his arms and legs amputated.

    1. Inhale

    2. Blessed

    3. On Our way  (feat. Sam Wesley)

    4. So Yesterday

    5. A Little Love  (feat. Gary LeVox)

    6. Whiplash

    7. Bright Side Of Broken

    8. Let Yourself Be Loved

    9. Hurry Up and Wait

    10. Brand New  (feat. Gloria Gaynor)

    11. Uh Oh (Here I Go)

    12. The Moment

    13. Then Christ Came (Demo)

    14. Say I Won’t

    15. Almost Home

    16. Exhale


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